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Peabody Alumni Collaborate in Recording Project with Army Veteran Composer

53b1b2b975475_480_sqJennifer Nicole Campbell (BM ’14, MM ’15, Piano) recently worked with Charles Street Sound, co-founded by Daniel Rorke (MM ’15, Audio Sciences) and master’s recording arts student Arun Ravendhran, to record two works by Baltimore composer and army ranger veteran Mark Maarder, who studied at the Peabody Preparatory before serving in the United States Army in Iraq and overseas. These two works reflect Mr. Maarder’s profound experiences in combat. Storm, the etude in A minor, was written while Mr. Maarder was dealing with the death of a best friend and at the same time preparing to return to Iraq. Chopin’s Heart, the nocturne in A minor, was composed while Mr. Maarder visited the site of Chopin’s heart in Warsaw Poland. The recordings may be found below.



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