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Peabody Faculty Members Approved for JHU COVID-19 Research Accelerator Grant

Three members of the Peabody faculty have been approved for JHU COVID-19 Research Accelerator Grant. The university created the JHU COVID-19 Research Accelerator Grant program to support humanists, and social and behavioral scientists, as they reinvigorate research programs and complete significant projects put on hold during the pandemic.

Faculty artists who will continue to work on these projects:

Carl DuPont
– Exploring Art Songs by Black Composers, an essential reference for the implementation of historically and unduly neglected music into the teaching studio and performance hall. The project will produce a first of its kind comprehensive annotated survey of these compositions.

Agustin Muriago
– Piano Music from Argentina. This recording project for Albany Records features composers whose works combine Argentine folk rhythms with other styles ranging from the European classical tradition to Jazz harmonies and South American dance rhythms

Oliver Thorndike
– Scientific Reductionism and Personal Identity. Enlightenment, Modernity, and Neuroscience. This book will examine the thesis that the human self has an essential, non-contingent nature that can be scientifically described and argue that the idea of an indivisible self is a philosophical illusion rooted in historically contingent assumptions.