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Peabody Alumni Involved in Apple TV’s The Changeling

The Changeling TV Show CoverApple TV released the first three episodes of The Changeling September 8, the new series based on the novel by Victor Lavelle starring LaKeith Stanfield and Adina Porter. Baltimore electronics artists and composer Dan Deacon scored the series, and a number of Peabody musicians were involved in the recording: Niccolo Seligmann (BM ’15, Viol de gamba), Peter Kibbe (BM ’12, Cello), the Bergamot Quartet (Ledah Finck (BM ’16, MM ’18, Violin), Sarah Thomas (BM ’17, MM ’19 Violin), Amy Huimei Tan (GPD ’20, Viola), Irène Han (MM ’18, Cello), James David Young (DMA ’14, Composition), Jennifer Tscheulin (MM ’TK, Clarinet), Rose Hammer Burt (BM ’04, Saxophone; MM ’06, Computer Music), Patrick McMinn (MM ’12, Computer Music), Sarah Manley (BA ’17, Trombone), Allison Clendaniel (BM ’14, Voice), and Taylor Boykins (MM ’14, Voice).