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Emerging Voices

Alumnus Zach Herchen (BM ’07, MM ’09, Saxophone; BM ’06, Recording Arts) and Elisabeth Halliday (BA ’07, German) have released a self-produced album of music

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Rubik’s Cube Champion

Dan Cohen, a master’s candidate in audio sciences, was named a 2011 National Champion for Rubik’s Cubing, at the National Tournament, held in Columbus, Ohio

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Metcalfe on NPR

Director of Recording Arts and Sciences Scott Metcalfe was a guest on NPR’s Science Friday discussing the relative merits of vinyl and CDs. Why Vinyl

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Emerging Voices Project

Inspired by Peabody National Advisory Council member Lori Laitman’s I Never Saw Another Butterfly, a setting of poetry written by children during the Holocaust, Elisabeth

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