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Vol. 11, No. 2 – Spring 2017

Vol. 11, No. 2 – Spring 2017

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Master’s student Ledah Finck (center, with glasses) wrote a piece that was performed by the Peabody String Sinfonia, a student-led ensemble.

Bringing Music Where Life Is

A special project at Peabody is “bringing music where life is” — including to cancer patients, people facing homelessness and addiction, and children with autism.

Unveiling a New Curriculum

This fall, the Peabody Conservatory will launch the Breakthrough Curriculum, aimed at expanding on the traditional conservatory experience to ensure Peabody graduates are fully prepared for success as 21st century musicians.

Halloween Concert

Scaring Up the Best from String Students

A goddess, an entire class from Hogwarts, and the Statue of Liberty playing cellos; several princesses, superheroes, and more wizards on violin — all perform with a crazy cat lady and a knight.

Undergraduate trumpet students Sam Hughes, Chenguang Wang, and Jonghwan Yun prepare for morning warmups with faculty artist Joe Burgstaller. The warmups are broadcast to thousands on Facebook.

Reaching Out Through Social Media

For centuries, the process of becoming a top-tier musician has been opaque: A student meets with an instructor for a lesson, practices in isolation for hours, meets again with the instructor the next week, retreats to the practice room again ... repeating the cycle for years, with an occasional public performance to showcase the results.

Headshot of Donald Sutherland and Phyllis Bryn-Julson

Looking Back on Long, Rich Careers

She was a North Dakota farm girl who had perfect pitch and as a toddler would tell her piano-playing older sister: “Wrong note! Wrong note!” when she hit an errant key.

A sticky note wall gives Peabody concertgoers a chance to share their reactions.

Engaging New Audiences

For decades, an unwritten code has governed audience behavior in con- certs: Sit in silence.

Headshot of Jeremy Huber

Honoring Loved Ones with Memorial Scholarships

In January 2015, Jeremy Huber, 18, a freshman in the Johns Hopkins Krieger School of Arts and Sciences and a defenseman for the Johns Hopkins men’s lacrosse team, died suddenly due to complications from pneumonia and flu.

Peabody student Mary Burke (center) with Claire and Allan Jensen, who helped make her undergraduate studies possible.

Soaring with the Help of Financial Support

Student Mary Burke (BM '16, Voice), a mezzo-soprano, says the scholarships she has received during her time at the Peabody Conservatory push her to be the best singer she can be.