Markand Thakar

Co-director of the graduate conducting program Markand Thakar was the guest conductor for the West Coast Youth Orchestra Festival. On June 29, he directed the West Coast Youth Festival Orchestra, a combination group, at the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles.

Tim Khaner – University of Alberta

Tim Khaner (BM ’76, Cello; MM ’77, Violin) is the academic manager of the departments of anthropology and economics at the University of Alberta.

Melanie Schattschneider Keller

Melanie Schattschneider Keller (BM ’99, Flute) will be performing with her woodwind quintet, The Avenue Winds, in two recitals of the San Francisco Festival of Contemporary Music this summer.  Keller is also delighted to be returning to the Mendocino Music Festival in July.  In the coming orchestral season 2012/2013, she will once again be performing […]

Tartaglione new conducting positions

Simeone Tartaglione (GPD ’09, Conducting) has been hired as music director of the Delaware Youth Symphony Orchestra and core orchestral department head at the Music School of Delaware in Wilmington, Del. He also conducted six concerts with the Mid-Atlantic Symphony Orchestra and was offered the position of associate conductor.