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By Elizabeth Nonemaker  Sometimes setbacks can open up a whole new world of creative opportunity.  Just ask these five Peabody artists. Wendel Patrick (far right) teaches Hip-Hop and music production at Peabody. It might be what every musician fears most: an injury that halts playing. Worst of all are the

By Sarah Achenbach They arrived four years ago, excited to be the first students in the Conservatory’s two newest degree programs: Dance and Music for New Media. Now, on the cusp of graduation, the students featured here look back on what they’ve learned — and ahead to where their newfound

By Julie Scharper  An initiative to weave health awareness into all aspects of life at Peabody is rapidly gaining traction, challenging assumptions about musicians and pain and providing student artists with a plethora of resources to prevent and treat injuries.  Ilana Inselbuch pushed through the pain of her injury before

By Bret McCabe As Peabody students prepare to become citizen artists, a strong grounding in the liberal arts is crucial. The First Amendment of the United States Constitution reads: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of

With students back on campus, large ensemble rehearsals and performances can once again take center stage. Photography by Larry Canner, Ben Johnson, and Will Kirk Peabody Symphony Orchestra Baltimore Baroque Band New Orleans Peabody Symphony Orchestra NEXT Ensemble NEXT Ensemble Now Hear This Laptop Ensemble Pan American Jazz Ensemble Now

By Sue De Pasquale Photography from the Peabody Archives Since 1871, composers at Peabody have had a far-reaching impact on the world of music — creating seminal works, innovating composition techniques and genres, and sharing their considerable wisdom with generations of young composers. Read about just some of these compelling