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Joe Burgstaller’s CD release season

51x5Fu0RpRL._SX300_Peabody trumpet faculty Joe Burgstaller’s new solo CD, License To Thrill, has been played on over 110 radio stations across the United States and was the subject of an hour-long feature on Sirius-XM Radio.  The album features Julian Gargiulo (MM ’97, Piano) and Stephanie Shih-yu Cheng (BM ’93, MM ’96, Piano; MM ’96, Computer Music), as well as a choir comprised of current Peabody students: Joelle Arnhold, Mary Burke, Karl Butterman, Alex Clark, Joshua Ganger, Jessica Hiemstra, Cameron Kalemkarian, Joel Kilgore, Emily Korth, Annaliese Perrett, Kelsey Ross, Kevin Sabik, Alyssa Spratta, Rachel Tyler, Frances Yu and Carlos Zabala.  In addition, Peabody Director of Recording Arts Scott Metcalfe engineered the choir track.  Burgstaller is in the midst of a CD release season, making over 25 solo appearances in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore, Hamburg, as well as cities in Korea, Italy, Taiwan, Thailand, and 13 US states and Virgin Islands. In every city he visits, Burgstaller will also give masterclasses, including his groundbreaking Change Your Mind, Change Your Playing classes for all musicians.

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