American Studio Orchestra Presents Multimedia Exhibition “Pearls on a String”

The American Studio Orchestra, including faculty artists Tim Murphy, piano and keyboards, Gary Thomas, saxophone and flute, Alex Norris, trumpet, and Blake Meister, bass, presents Pearls on a String, a multimedia piece in three parts, mirroring the exhibition’s vignettes. The work will be augmented for its world premiere by projections of works from the show […]

American Musical Theater Presents “School Colors: A Short Musical”

American Musical Theater, a Homewood class taught by Musicology faculty member Susan Weiss, will present School Colors: A Short Musical on Tuesday, December 8 at 5:45 in Mattin Center at Homewood Campus, featuring musicology master’s student Adam Swanson, piano, and junior undergraduate student Ryo Usami, violin. Dr. Weiss will present a pre-concert lecture.

Aspen String Trio’s Upcoming Concerts in DC, Florida, and West Virginia

The Aspen String Trio, comprised of faculty artist Victoria Chiang, viola, Michael Mermagen (BM ’84, Cello), and David Perry, violin, will give several performances this January. The trio will perform Bach’s Goldberg Variations at the National Gallery of Art in Washington DC on Sunday, January 24 at 3:30 pm, and also at West Virginia University […]