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LAUNCHPad Announces 2022 Launch Grant Winners

Three people and one stands around a large table with multiple computer on it talking to each otherPeabody’s LAUNCHPad has announced the winners of the 2022 Launch Grant. The Launch Grant provides funding to support creative, innovative projects developed by Peabody Conservatory undergraduate and master’s students in the Breakthrough Curriculum course Pitching Your Creative Idea each spring.

Andrew Faulkenberry – Crooked Cross: An Oratorio for Hans and Sophie Scholl
Crooked Cross will be presented as a multimedia lecture to the Johns Hopkins community on the moral and spiritual development of anti-Nazi resistance activists Hans and Sophie Scholl. This lecture will integrate excerpts of an oratorio composed by Faulkenberry about the Scholls, recorded by Peabody performers.

Ui-Seng François – Be Free
Be Free is an interdisciplinary, one-woman show that integrates live music, dance, and spoken word to portray the personal experience of being coerced into a spiritual cult and the journey onward towards healing and reclaiming life.

Wesley Hamilton – The Practice Peg
The Practice Peg is a device that models the scroll of the violin, viola, or cello with pegs that simulate the resistance needed for adjustment, allowing string students to practice using tuning pegs in a risk-free and tactile environment.

Andy Li美國夢 The American Dream: Spotlighting a Chinese America on the Musical Theatre Stage
In response to the increase in anti-Asian rhetoric and hate crimes, 美國夢 The American Dream is a musical that brings awareness to an event that stemmed from these same attitudes 150 years ago—the 1871 Chinese Massacre in Los Angeles.

Nikko Musuraca – Locale
Locale is a virtual platform designed to connect local artists to local venues. Made accessible to students in the Peabody community, Locale will give opportunities to students to find performance spaces beyond the educational sphere.