Sze-Long Aaron Wong (BM ’91, Cello) has been appointed to the faculty of Rome Summer Musical Arts (RomeSMARTS), a program designed to develop and promote performance skills in young artists, amateur musicians and music teachers. RomeSMARTS runs from July 16-28.

Kendra Preston Leonard (BM ’95, Cello)

Kendra Preston Leonard (BM ’95, Cello) recently published “The Lady Vanishes: Vocality and Agency in Cinematic Ophelias,” in The Afterlife of Ophelia, “A Great Desire: Autobiography in Louise Talma’s Early Vocal Works,” Current Musicology, Issue 94/Fall 2012; and “Guides to Writing about Music,” Journal of Music History Pedagogy, Vol. 2, No. 1. (Fall 2011), 2011. […]

Ross Crolius (BM ’76)

Ross Crolius (BM ’76, Music Education) was honored at a reception for recent retired Metropolitan Opera choristers at the opera house in April. Ross and his wife Nancy (BM ’72, Music Education) spent 25 years singing full-time with the company.

Weiss presentations

Chair of Musicology Susan Weiss presented “The Role of Proportions in Composition and Memorization of Isorhythmic Motets” on May 3 and 4 in Basel, Switzerland, with Anna Maria Busse Berger. She will also present “How things got out of hand: Images of memory and learning as a mirror of musical learning in early modern Europe” […]

Friday Morning Music Club

Sophomore Joey Harrell won third place in the Friday Morning Music Club Sue Goetz Memorial Competition on Apr. 21.