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Kendra Preston Leonard (BM ’95, Cello)

Kendra Preston Leonard (BM ’95, Cello) recently published “The Lady Vanishes: Vocality and Agency in Cinematic Ophelias,” in The Afterlife of Ophelia, “A Great Desire: Autobiography in Louise Talma’s Early Vocal Works,” Current Musicology, Issue 94/Fall 2012; and “Guides to Writing about Music,” Journal of Music History Pedagogy, Vol. 2, No. 1. (Fall 2011), 2011.

She has recently presented research at the 2012 Society for American Music conference; the 2012 South Central Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies conference; The Legacy of Milton Babbitt: Post-WW II Serialism in the Americas (2012); and the 2011 American Shakespeare Center’s Blackfriars Conference.

Upcoming publications and presentations include “Towards a Works List for Louise Talma,” Fontes Artis Musicae; “Rosalind’s Musical Identities in Branagh’s and Doyle’s As You Like It,” Upstart Crow; the 2012 International Congress on Medieval Studies; the 2012 Attending to Early Modern Women Conference; and the North American British Music Studies Association 2012 conference.

She has also recently been appointed to the Membership and Professional Development committee of the American Musicological Society and serves as the managing editor of the Journal of Music History Pedagogy.

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