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Elizabeth Burnham has completed an acoustic study for OrchKids

Elizabeth Burnham, student of  Neil Thompson Shade in the Recording Arts Department, has completed an acoustic study for the OrchKids program.

Located in the Lockerman-Bundy Elementary School, the existing OrchKids room, cafeteria, music room, gymnasium, and auditorium do not provide appropriate acoustics for music spaces, nor are the audio/visual systems suitable for the technological needs of the OrchKids program.  Burnham met with OrchKids administrators in January to propose her study, and during the Spring semester, she performed acoustic measurements in the spaces, developed economical acoustic treatment recommendations, and designed audio/visual systems. In April, she met with OrchKids administrators and the Baltimore City Schools Facility Design and Construction Department to pitch her recommendations.

Baltimore City Schools will allocate partial funding to implement selected modifications and construction will commence during the summer break. Funding will be sought to complete the acoustic and audio/visual systems design modifications.

After graduation, Burnham will be employed as an audio/visual systems designer at Design & Integration in Baltimore.

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