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Beijing Guitar Duo performs in San Francisco

Beijing Guitar DuoThe Beijing Guitar Duo, made up of Meng Su (PC ’09, GPD ’11, Guitar) and Yameng Wang (MM ’08, GPD ’11, Guitar), gave their third concert appearance for San Francisco Performances (SFP). They first appeared on a program with their teacher, Manuel Barrueco, in 2010 and gave their first full concert program at the end of March in 2013. They have been SFP Guitarists-in-Residence since 2012.Their repertoire is diverse, combining original compositions over a broad scope of music history with imaginative transcriptions. On this performance, they duo played a transcription of Claude Debussy’s Petite Suite. According to Stephen Smoliar of, “The result was an expression of music with a clarity often muddied by the many reverberations of a piano and just as easily masked by the full force of a symphony orchestra. This was a performance that caught the descriptive connotations of each movement… while also offering penetrating insights into just what made the music tick.”

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