Peabody Symphony Orchestra Awarded 2nd Place in The American Prize for Orchestral Performance

On Tuesday, December 22, The American Prize awarded Second Place in Orchestral Performance, 2015, College/University Orchestra Division to the Peabody Symphony Orchestra, with music director Hajime Teri Murai. “The Peabody Symphony Orchestra has been praised by the Baltimore Sun and provides its audiences with committed, energetic, and heartfelt performances.” Visit The American Prize’s website for […]

Eric McCullough, Patrick Sise Release New Album, “Children of the Program”

We Love The Underground, featuring guitarists Eric McCullough (MM ’12, Guitar) and Patrick Sise (BM ’10, MM ’12, Guitar), will release their album, Children of the Program, on Saturday, January 23. The album blends elements of rock, metal, and classical genres, and accompanies a novel of the same title written by vocalist Brad Cox. For […]