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Roderick Demmings, Jr. Solo Organ Tour, Double Treble Tour with Karl Van Richards

720851_73cdb41ae21044a894030c4ad3a7d69fSenior undergraduate organ student Roderick Demmings, Jr. is in the midst of a solo organ tour spanning Maryland, South Carolina, New Mexico, Wisconsin, Delaware, Illinois, Washington DC, Texas, Ontario, and Jamaica. The tour began on October 11, 2015, and will conclude on Wednesday, June 1 in Washington DC at St. John Lafayette Square. Mr. Demmings and concert pianist Karl Van Richards teamed up to create Double Treble, an interactive nationwide concert tour featuring works for piano and organ and for piano four hands, as well as dance and drama. Featured works include Rossini’s William Tell Overture, Liszt’s Hungarian Rhapsody, Bach’s Brandenburg Concerto, and an original arrangement of Michael Jackson’s Billy Jean. Double Treble was the subject of an article in The Gleaner by Michael Reckord, published Monday, February 8. Both members of Double Treble are interviewed in the article, titled “Double Treble Aims to Make Classical Music Fun.”

Tour Dates:

1. Baltimore, MD- Oct. 11, 2015, St. Bartholomew’s Episcopal Church

2. Charleston, SC- Oct. 17, 2015 (Double Treble), Colour of Music Festival

3. Charleston, SC- Oct. 22, 2015 (Double Treble) (Encore), Colour of Music Festival

4. Baltimore, MD- Dec. 4, 2015 Senior Recital: Part 1, Griswold Hall, The Peabody Conservatory

5. Santa Fe, NM- Jan. 22, 2016, First Presbyterian Church

6. Kingston, Jamaica- Jan. 31, 2016 (Double Treble), Kingston Parish Church

7. Baltimore, MD- Feb. 7, 2016, Metropolitan United Methodist Church

8. Chicago, IL- Mar. 2, 2016, St. John AME Church

9. Silver Spring, MD-Mar. 11, 2016 (Master Class), Bradley Hills Presbyterian Church

10. Monkton, Maryland- Mar. 13, 2016, St. James Episcopal Church

11. Baltimore, MD- Mar. 13, 2016, St. David’s Episcopal Church

12. Dallas, TX- Mar. 18-19, 2016, The Black Academy of Arts and Letters

13. Senior Recital: Part 2, March 10, 2016, Griswold Hall, The Peabody Conservatory

14. Milwaukee, WI- April 6, 2016, Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist

15. Wilmington, DE- April 14, 2016, First and Central Presbyterian Church

16. London, Ontario- April 26, 2016, St. Paul’s Cathedral

17. Toronto, Ontario- May 30, 2016, The Church of the Holy Trinity

18. Washington, D.C.- Jun. 1, 2016, St. John Lafayette Square

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