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Amit Peled Released New Album with His Cello Gang

amit-peled-1Faculty artist Amit Peled released a new album on Friday, October 27. The Amit Peled Peabody Cello Gang features pieces by Handel, David Popper, and the debut of an arrangement of the Schubert Arpeggione Sonata by Tom Zebovitz. The cello gang consists of Peled’s students. Peled and the group tour around the country and perform cello concerti. This is a great way for his students to learn, and Peled comments that similar experiences when he was a student has shaped his view of teaching and performing. Peled plays the Pablo Casals’ 1733 Goffriller cello on this album and other upcoming concerts this season. The group was featured on HQR Classical Radio and the CD was reviewed by Midwest Record. This release was featured also on IPR‘s website.

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