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2021 Launch Grant Awardees Announced

peabody.shield.small.blueThe Launch Grant supports creative, innovative projects developed by Peabody third-year undergraduate and first-year master’s students in the course “Pitching Your Creative Idea,” offered each spring. Grantees receive up to $5,000 in funding as well as mentorship and promotional support from the LAUNCHPad office. The 2021 grantees are:

Mira Huang – Story to Song
Story to Song: Slices of Culture in the Arts is a webseries that hijacks the popularity of fairytales and introduces high school students to classical artsong.

Kaijeh Johnson – Second Movement
The goal of Second Movement is to create a free educational resource for black students wanting to be successful in the music world.

Rush Johnston – Making a Mess
Making a Mess is a gallery show that subverts common expectations around concert dance in order to question the systems “fine art” exists within.

Maddalena Ohrbach – Prison Pipes
Prison Pipes will teach singing workshops in a prison, specifically bridging meditation and sound production.

Jolene Shao – Digitalizing “Along The River During The Qingming Festival”
Digitalizing “Along The River During The Qingming Festival will be an immersive experience in which the player could infinitely walk in this painting, watch the ancient view of Suzhou City, and learn about people’s typical lifestyles, cultural activities, business affairs, and other noteworthy events that shaped Ming dynasty China.

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