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Scott Pender-2 smallTango: Ms. Jackson Dances for the People, a work by Scott Pender (MM ’85, Composition) is on pianist Eliane Lust’s new album Entangoed.

Pender’s theme song for the C-SPAN series First Ladies: Influence & Image will be available in early 2014 on In the Key of C-SPAN: Volume 1 from PARMA Recordings.

This winter, he will be recording his 2012 Foothills for string orchestra and piano. The work will become the soundtrack for Julie Donofrio’s new documentary Pieced Together. Pender plans to release an EP of Foothills later this year.

On January 16, Peabody bassoon students of Phillip Kolker will perform Five Dances at 11:00 am at The Mansion at Strathmore, 10701 Rockville Pike, Bethesda, MD.

On February 8, at 1:00 pm, a premiere of Kimchi Dreams for two clarinets and bassoon, will be performed at the Mansion at Strathmore, Bethesda, Md.

On March 23, Victoria Gau and the Capital City Symphony will perform Pender’s Solemn Overture. The program is an all-American concert, including music by three living composers, at 5:00 pm at Atlas Performing Arts Center, 1333 H Street NE, Washington, D.C.

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