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Serap Bastepe-Gray Interviewed on Stay Thirsty

Serap-Bastepe-Gray-500x500Faculty artist Serap Bastepe-Gray (BM ’96, MM ’99, Guitar) was interviewed on Stay Thirsty about the Johns Hopkins’ Center for Music and Medicine. In the interview, Bastepe-Gray discusses the purpose and vision of the center, outlines some ideas with regard to self-correcting some simpler injuries and mindsets that can hinder the development of the student musician. Throughout her discussion, she compares sports training to the training of a musician, and draws important conclusions about how musicians should practice as a result. She also comments on the mental impact of studying music. Finally, she talks about what the Center for Music and Medicine provides and how she came to begin the center with Dr. Alexander Pantelyat and Associate Dean for Innovation, Interdisciplinary Partnerships, and Community Initiatives Sarah Hoover (DMA ‘08, Voice).

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