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Michaela Trnkova and Preparatory Harp Ensemble Praised for Summer Performance

prep harpPreparatory faculty artist Michaela Trnkova, harp, and the Peabody Preparatory Harp Ensemble performed at the 13th American Harp Society Summer Institute in Winston-Salem North Carolina on June 17, 2019. This National event showcased the ensemble’s superb musicianship, dedication, and harp work. American Harp Society, Inc. and the Board of Directors of the American Harp Society called Trnkova and the Peabody Preparatory Harp Ensemble “outstanding.” The performance on June 17 “inspired excellence and was a superb reflection of aspiration to do the very best on behalf of the harp and harpist. The concert provided a tangible demonstration of the AHS’s commitment to its mission to celebrate legacy and excellence. It was both personally rewarding and empowering for the audience.” Michaela Trnkova also received recognition from the American Harp Society for her valued contributions to the event, which was called “Destination Innovation.”

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