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Nasar Abadey’s Life, Career, and Combo Featured in CapitalBop

25Jazz percussion faculty artist Nasar Abadey was the subject of an article in CapitalBop titled “Nasar Abadey: Supernova Spirit.” The article, written by Savannah Harris, focuses on Mr. Abadey’s life and career as well as his combo, Supernova. “Abadey’s spiritual outlook and uplifting personality define his art as they define his familial bond. As a leader in D.C.’s jazz scene, his energy has extended to other musicians and leaders in the area. He exerts a major influence upon the scene’s elasticity; unlike in other cities, musicians here largely appear to be looking for something deeper to connect with,” wrote Ms. Harris. Read the full article here. Watch a performance by Supernova here on Voice of America.

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